Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Nobel Lecture

After reading this link, I can concur that Solzhenitsyn is trying to convince his audience of the importance of literature. He mentions that "art" or literature is not just something we read in books. It is an occurrence in our every day lives, and a constant feature in politics, communication, history, and much more aspects of society. Literature can cause disputes or develop peace throughout nations. It can assist in uniting our world together. One thing Solzhenitsyn mentions that I had really found notice to was his statement describing how we, as humans, often reject or dismiss literature that we are not familiar with. As I read this statement, I couldn't help but wonder if this was true with me? Do I often surpass the work of others if I am unfamliar with it or have no interest in it? Not only do I, but I think we all do this at times. Although, it is important to pay attention to a wide variety of literature because as Solzhenitsyn says, it is how people express their true feelings, thoughts, emotions, and opinions. Not to mention, our world's history is passed down through a form of art:  literature. Without literature history would not be able to be filtered through generations. The past would be an unknowing feature; history would not exist. Truth is a major aspect brought to the surface separated from lies. Alexander Solzhenitsyn firmly states how a lie will not stand in the world of literature, but only the truth can claim its place.

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  1. I like your logic Conner. After reading Solzhenitsyn it causes one to contemplate on the different wars that our country is currently engaged in. I mean, were we morally justified for entering these war or were we not? Are we the ones who are perpetrating the lies that cause us as a country to continue to fight these wars or is it our enemies fault? He really makes one think hard on our present plight. I hope one day all humans can recognize the beauty in each individual's life circumstances from witnessing their "art."