Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chapter 23

I have read plays in high school, so reading Fences was not too difficult for me. In fact, I enjoyed reading this piece of literature more than any of the ones we read so far. What chapter 23 did do for me was introduce me to some specific technical terms about plays or drama. I did not know what soliloquy was, but now I am aware that is basically a character mumbles or talks to him or herself while alone on stage. I was aware of foreshadowing, conflict, crisis, climax, resolution, and exposition. I believe this chapter is very useful even for those who are somewhat familiar with plays because it helps to refresh terms and introduce new ones. It helps one to pay attention to the minor details that may otherwise be left unnoticed. Some of these details can alter the readers view quite significantly.

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  1. I enjoyed beging able to understand the concept of a play. My grandpa was in plays when I was younger and I enjoyed them. Now I have a wider knowledge base to understand the technical terms associated.