Thursday, June 21, 2012

Applying "Greasy Lake" to current society

After reading "Greasy Lake" I realized how much this story can apply to current society. We are all guilty of mistakes and wrongdoings. At some point in our life, we make not so smart decisions--decisions that lead us down wrong paths or dissipate opportunities. Although, the point is these occurrences allow us to grow. Even though they cause negative outcomes, the consequences teach us lessons. Just as the narrator and his friends' careless mistakes caused them to be in this very unfortunate situation, it taught them being "bad" is not all it is cracked up to be. I think this story is a great lesson for all teens or young adults who are growing into their own persons and learning from their mistakes. I am really glad I picked this story to read, because it was a great reminder of responsibility and putting thought into my actions.


  1. Conner,
    Oh how right you are! Although, I would like to add that this is not only good for teens/young adults, but even for us 'older' adults to be reminded. I believe it would be erroneous for us more mature adults to think we are exempt and then become lacks in with this.
    Good insight though!

  2. Connor
    I completlely agree with you!!! this story would be a great story to read with teens or young adults and discuss the importance of our actions having consiquences!