Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Greasy Lake" T. Coraghessan Boyle

I personally enjoyed "Greasy Lake" very much. Coraghessen's use of diction is crude and literal, yet it goes with the theme of "badness" portrayed by his characters. His excessive amount of detail greatly attracted my attention and caused me to be very interested in the story. He uses a numerous amount of similes and a few metaphors as well. For example, he states the "air [was] as soft as a hand on your cheek." In another case he explains how he came at the antagonist "like a kamikaze."  A metaphor used describes the antagonist as a "stunt man" and a "big, grimacing toothy balloon" while he describes himself a man with a "straight pin." These descriptions and comparison assist in forming Coraghessan's descriptive, interactive style. I thoroughly enjoyed the theme of the story as well. It is about the narrator and his friends feeling young, untouchable, bad, and free. Although, by the end of the story the characters have experienced the negative effects of their immature, uncaring actions. The main character has realized the consequences of his actions, allowing him to mature. He realizes he can no longer act invincible, but rather must be a responsible young adult who is aware of the consequences of his actions.

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