Friday, June 29, 2012

Overall thoughts

After reading One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, I can say it was very interesting and shocking to learn the conditions and hardships of the camp. Although, I was disappointed with how the novel ended. I would have liked to see Ivan and the prisoners be liberated, or for simply something to happen. I feel as if the author just described the camp the whole time and there was really no climax to the story. Even though, this book did allow me to be more appreciative of my life. I really like the character of Alyosha, and admired his faith as well, especially the section where he explained how he is happy he is in prison so he can be more devoted to God.

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  1. Hi Conner,
    I also liked the character of Alyosha. He resembled to me what a Christian is supposed to look like when put in tough situations. We are called to be thankful for all diverse situations we are put in whether good or bad. Alyosha was a witness to all in the camp that Christ can keep a man/women in high spirits even under such horrid conditions. I hope we never have to experience situations such as this "Special" camp, but if we did, I would hope that I could resemble Alyosha and be the light of Christ in such a dark place.