Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Theme of Alexander Solzenhenitsyn's Novel

I believe the theme of Solzhenitsyn literary piece is a struggle. A struggle for what? It is a struggle for things of all sorts. The prisoners at the camps struggle to simply stay alive, to learn new ways of life, to give up their previous freedoms, and to be away from their families. Furthermore, their own human dignity. We all go through struggles in life, but this novel reminds us even when we think we not fortunate, we truly are. We must not take our blessings such as our family or food to eat for granted, as this novel reminds us by taking these things away from the prisoners during the rule of Stalin in Russia. Our "struggles" may not even be considered struggles to these prisoners. They have to fight to stay humanly sane, to learn the tricks of the camp in order to survive, and probably most difficult--to accept the current positions they are in. This novel does teach its readers that with the right mindset and motivation one can make it through struggles, just as Shukov has made it through this unbearable, deathly camp.

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  1. Conner, reading your blogs, gave me some good ideas to focus on as I completed the book. I agree completely with your view of what the people went through makes us reconsider what we go through. Keeping your mind and focus in check can help all of us to find a positive way in life. Good posts this week.