Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hemingway's style

Ernest Hemingway' style is rather different than the work of most author's I have read. I enjoyed his use of conversation throughout his story because I believe conversations allow the reader to be more engaged and interested in the reading. I find this is most often the case for me anyways. The aspect of his style I did not care for so much was how he did not state his theme in a more clear way. This was probably his point (To have the reader determine the theme themselves), but I feel like somewhere a long the lines a little clarification would have helped me make sense of what I was reading. Although, the interesting effect of this hazy depiction is that the reader is free to take from the story what he or she may like. It leads them to wonder what he means. It forces one to dig deeper not only to understand the story , but also reflect it to his or her own life to decipher the theme as well. What I took from the sometimes life doesn't mean a whole lot because we get too caught up in distractions. Too many distractions makes for a life full of "nada" or nothing. When we forget what means the most to us such as our family and friends or our health and faith, "nada" takes over.

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  1. I completely agree with you analogy of the nada's in our life. I know i am guilty of becoming to caught up with distraction in my life where i then have lots of nada's. I also commented on the why the author had set up the dialogue in this story, it kept me more engaged then i thought it would. At times i didn't know for sure which waiter it was that was talking or not.